The Potters' Guild of Annapolis

From Annapolis Past Port

The Potters' Guild of Annapolis (1972-2016) was organized through the efforts of Dorothea O'Donohue and Virginia Podufaly in 1972. At that time, there were very few potters in the Annapolis area and therefore little opportunity for discussion or enrichment. In general, the pattern of the new guild for Annapolis was based on that of the Washington Kiln Club and/or the Ceramic Guild of Bethesda as experienced by Virginia, Dorothea and Ebby Malmgren before moving to Annapolis. Students of Virginia's were invited to join. The small membership increased within months of its founding.

The Potters' Guild of Annapolis disbanded in 2016.

February 16, 1972: 1:00 PM, Annapolis West Street Library. Those who met to discuss and plan a guild were: Dorothea O'Donohue, Virginia Podufaly, Ebby Malmgren, Jackie Hildebrand, Millie Banwell, Sallye Silesky --- (this list is incomplete)


  • Officers: President - Dorothea O'Donohue, Vice President & Program - Peggy Swarthout, Secretary - Jackie Hildebrand, Treasurer - Donna Bradberry
  • Committees: Membership - Virginia Podufaly, Publicity - Jackie Hildebrand, Telephone - Betty Moskowitz
  • Begin monthly meetings, except during summer
  • Participate in weekend craft sales at Londontown Public House
  • Begin annual pottery gift exchange among members


  • Officers: President - Virginia Podufaly
  • Apr: Garden sale at St. Margaret's nursery
  • May: Sale at Courthouse courtyard
  • June: booth at Annapolis Fine Arts Festival


  • Officers: President - Sallye Selesky
  • June: booth at Annapolis Fine Arts Festival


  • Officers: President - Jackie Hildebrand
  • Pots in display case, North Branch library
  • May 7: Sale at Courthouse courtyard (with Providence Center)
  • July 25 - Aug 21: exhibition, Little Gallery, Maryland Federation of Art (MFA)
  • Oct 16: Workshop, Ebby


  • Officers: President - Jan Lynn
  • June 6-26: exhibition, Little Gallery, MFA
  • Oct 5-25: exhibition Scope Gallery, Alexandria, VA


  • Officers: President - Melissa Moss, Sandra Hamilton
  • Oct 31 1977: booth, Hospital benefit, Armory
  • Aug 31-Sept 18 1977: exhibition, Scope Gallery, Alexandria, VA
  • May 1978: Garden Show, Eppington Gardens


  • Officers: President - Jackie Hildebrand, Vice President - Carole Falk, Secretary - Jean Ryan, Treasurer - Aleida Renwick
  • April 13: Sawdust firing, Ann Krestensen at Jan Lyn's
  • Sept 9: Workshop, animal sculpture, Mary Byron, Maryland Hall


  • Officers (May): President - Mary Lou Bloom, Vice President - Carole Falk, Secretary - Jean Ryan, Treasurer - Aleida Renwick
  • Mar 14 - Apr 9: 'Works in Clay' juried by Byron Temple. Open show, Wash-Balt Workshop at MD Hall, exhib. at MFA
  • June 24: Workshop - Slab and tiles, Jane Larson, MD Hall
  • July 8: Workshop - Ron Rowe, Adalaide, Australia, Wheel sculpture forms, MD Hall
  • Nov 12: Susan Greenleaf, animals in clay, MD Hall


  • Officers (July): President - Carole Falk, Vice President - Sandra Hamilton, Secretary - Mary Lou Bloom, Treasurer - Aleida Renwick
  • Mar 16: Workshop, Carol Steele, Basketry and clay, MD Hall
  • May 7-8: Spring Show and sale, at Mary Lou Bloom's, Halsey Rd.
  • May 21: Lecture, Malcolm Wright, Chinese pillows
  • May 22: Workshop, Malcolm Wright, Wheel demonstration, Large forms.
  • Oct 18: Workshop, M Reiken, teaching in Central America, demo, etc.
  • Nov 19: Workshop, Bill Lewin, Drape molds


  • Officers (June): President - Carole Falk, Vice President - Sandra Hamilton, Secretary - Mary Lou Bloom, Treasurer - Donna Grovener, Newsletter - Marilyn Bohlander
  • Mar 4: Workshop, Celia Pearson, photography and ceramics, MD Hall
  • Apr 22: Lecture, Dennis Pogue, history of Tidewater pottery, Arundel Center
  • May 13-14: Participate in YWCA Circle Promenade
  • Oct 7-8: Lecture & Workshop, Cynthia Bringle, MD Hall
  • Oct 11-Nov 6: 'Works in Clay II', open exhibition juried by Cynthia Bringle, MFA Gallery


  • Officers (May): President - Betty Adams, Vice President - Mary Lo Dennison, Newsletter - Marilyn Bohlander
    • Officers (Oct): President - Barbara Wagner
  • Feb 9: Workshop, Jerry Chappel, tiles, murals, architectural clayworks, MD Hall
  • May 11: Workshop, Chris Richard, large forms, Richard studio
  • Oct: Guild decision to support MD Hall pottery program with matching funds (not to exceed $500) to purchase a slab roller which would be available for Guild use
  • Dec: luncheon & meeting (held annually) at Virginia Podufaly's home


  • Officers (May): President - Barbara Wagner, Vice President - Mary Lo Dennison, Secretary - Mari Bohlander, Treasurer - Aleida Renwick, Newsletter - Marilyn Bohlander
    • Mar: dues $15, up from $10
  • Feb 9: Workshop, Catherine White Frederick, Decorating with slip, AACC
  • Mar 20: Workshop, Tiles, Ebby Malmgren, Melissa Moss, Betty Adams, Sandra Hamilton, MD Hall
  • Sept 3-29: 'Works in Clay III', open exhibition jusied by Jackie Chalkley
  • Sept 19: Slide lecture, "Contemporary Art and the Artist", Malmgren house
  • Nov 9: Slide lecture, Maureen Torgerson, Chinese stoneware & porcelain, MD Hall


  • Officers (May): President - Aleida Renwick, Treasurer - Esther Carpenter, Newsletter - Mari O'Dell
  • Feb 1: Workshop, Debbie Bedwell, stains & underglazes, MD Hall
  • May 14: Raku with Jim & Mary Lou Dennison
  • Oct 15: Workshop, Mary George Kronstadt, Majolica glazing, MD Hall
  • Nov 8-Dec: Ceramics Showcase, Savage Mills
  • Dec 7: "Oldies & Goodies" & seconds sale, ML Bloom house & studio


  • Officers (Sept): President - Aleida Renwick, Treasurer - Esther Carpenter, Newsletter - Mari O'Dell
  • Mar 26: Bead workshop, Mary Lou Bloom, Bloom studio
  • May 13: Workshop, Andrew Brunelle, Large Porcelain forms, AACC
  • Sept 1-27: Exhibition Guild members & Annapolis Watercolor Club, Frank Russo, juror, MFA
  • Nov 14: "Oldies & Goodies" & seconds sale, ML Bloom's
  • Nov 21-Jan 3: Show & sale, Savage Gallery, Savage Mills


  • Officers (June): President - Mary Martin, Vice President - Grace Pepitone, Secretary - ML Dennison, Treasurer - Ebby Malmgren, Newsletter - Mari O'Dell
  • Apr 7: Workshop, Frank Russo, wall pieces & vessel forms, AACC
  • Sept 24: Meeting, view videos, Mary Martin's home
  • Oct 22: Group visit to Wolfville Pottery, Smithburg, MD, Mark Barto on wood firing
  • Nov 14: "Oldies but Goodies" sale at Mary Lou Bloom's
  • Nov 6-Jan 9: Show & sale, Savage Gallery, Savage Mills
  • Nov 18: workshop, Leonard Larsen, plaster mold making, AACC


  • Officers (May): President - Mary Martin, Vice President - ML Bloom, Secretary - ML Dennison, Treasurer - Joy Quinan
  • Feb 26: Show pottery videos, at Hildebrand's
  • June 17: Workshop, Chuck & Janet Brome, Limeton Pottery, at MD Hall
  • Sept 23: Visit, National Ceramics Museum, Baltimore
  • Oct 17: Workshop, Ebby Malmgren & Mary Martin, 'Freeing the Imagination', at AACC
  • Nov 18: 'Pots for Giving' show and sale at ML Bloom's
  • Nov-Dec: Savage Mills asks for Guild work throughout the year. (4th annual)


  • Officers (May): Treasurer - Joy Quinan, Newsletter - Mary Martin
  • Jan 12: Meeting, Talk and video, Carole Falk, 'Journey to India', Falk home
  • Feb 23: Meeting, bring pots for discussion and critique, MD Hall
  • Mar 23: Workshop, Ron Hendry, teacher, AACC, photographing 3-dimensional objects, MD Hall
  • June 22: Trip to Titiana's Pottery, Glen Elg, <D
  • Oct 19: Workshop, Marsha Jestaedt, Tile wall pieces, techniques for electric Raku firings, Jestaedt studio
  • Nov 16: Holiday show at Savage Mills begin
  • Nov 17: 'Pots for Giving Oldies but Goodies' sale at ML Bloom home


  • Officers (May): President - Mary Lou Dennison, Vice President - Annette Macke, Secretary/Newsletter - Mary Martin, Treasurer - Joy Quinan
  • May 15: Workshop, Nancy Ziegenfus-McIntosh, Slab construction, combine wheel & slab. Hands-on, AACC
  • June 28: Workshop, Becky Moy, Greenbridge Pottery. Wheel demonstration, tour, slides, Studio at Dayton, MD
  • Oct 12: Workshop, Ching-Yuan Chang, thrown & hand-built elements, AACC
  • Nov 8: Meeting, video, 'Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Indian Art & Its Evolution' Carole Falk's home
  • Nov 22: 6th Annual Holiday Show, Savage Mills Artcraft Collection
  • Nov 24: Fall show & sale at ML Bloom's


  • Officers (May): President - Rick Malmgren, Vice President - Annette Macke, Secretary/Newsletter - Rose Mary Stocker, Treasurer - Joy Quinan
  • Jan 10: Meeting, Sculpture demo by Jim Sweet at Sweet studio
  • Feb 26: workshop, Kathleen Byers, Majolica glazing on red earthenware, AACC
  • Mar 11: Tour Arthur M Sackler Gallery by Carole Falk, Lunch at gallery
  • Mar 29: Workshop, Paulus Berensohn, based on 'Finding One's Way With Clay'. Hands-on. St. John's College
  • June 6: Field Trip, to Bill VanGuilder, Eric Madsen and Dale Martin potteries, western MD
  • Sept 19: Participate in 'Picnic for the Arts', MD Hall
  • Oct 27-Nov 22: Guild Exhibition, juried by Richard Mower, MFA Gallery
  • Nov 21: 'Pots for Giving' sale at ML Bloom's


  • Officers (May): President - Rick Malmgren, Vice President - Annette Macke, Secretary/Newsletter - Rose Mary Stocker, Treasurer - Mary Jo Hedlund
  • Jan 9: Workshop, Richard Zakin, oxidation clay techniques, glaze strategies, computer use, St. John's College
  • Apr 25: Exhibit & sale on 'Earth Day' at Quiet Waters
  • ?: Meeting, Video of Ron Holden making plaster mold & clay pot. Tour of studio
  • May ?: Scholarship Award given to student at AACC
  • June 5: Workshop, Peter Kaiser & Amy Doigan, studio operation, clay techniques, discussion, Dickeyville studio
  • Sept 25: Sale at Annapolis Harbor Center, Potters' Guild Banner displayed
  • Oct 9: Workshop, Jane Larson, tiles & slab work, hands-on, AACC
  • Nov 12: Meeting & guest speaker, John ray, Rabco Ceramics Supply, Information & samples E. Malmgren's
  • Nov 21: 'Pots for Giving', annual sale with seconds, ML Bloom's


  • Officers (May): President - Esther Carpenter, Vice President - Millie Carpenter, Secretary/Newsletter - Antonia Bullock, Treasurer - Mary Jo Hedlund
  • Jan 14: Meeting & Panel Discussion, marketing ceramics, Moss, Ryan, Macke, McClure, R. Malmgren at K-Rzeszotarski's home
  • Mar 11: Meeting & discussion of members' clay & glaze problems, Severna Park Library
  • Apr 8: Meeting, Demonstration of inlaid porcelain by ML Bloom at her studio
  • Apr 24: Pottery Sale, Earth Day at Quiet Waters Park
  • May: Jury student pottery & present awards to South River and Southern high school students
  • June 11: Demonstration of techniques & Raku firing in electric kiln by Marcia Jestaedt at her studio