Annapolis Artillery Reenactment Group

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Dorsey's Company 1st Continental Artillery was a Revolutionary War reenactment group formed in 1975. Based in the Annapolis area, Dorsey's participated in local events and ceremonies throughout the American Bicentennial Celebration (1975 - 1981). They participated in many events, including parades, demonstrations, cannon firing matches, mock battles and battle reenactments up and down the East Coast.

During this period, Dorsey's Company would fire a "salute to the Colonies" as part of an artillery demonstration at Annapolis City Dock.


After reenacting the Battle of Camden in South Carolina (where Captain Richard Dorsey was captured on August 16, 1780), Dorsey's Company also reenacted as Ferguson's Company, 4th Battalion Royal Artillery.

October 1981

As the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown approached, French and American units reenacted the arrival of Gen. Comte de Rochambeau at the Maryland State House in Annapolis. Ferguson's Company participated in the ceremonies and a mock battle on the campus of St. John's College.