Wild Rose Shores

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Wild Rose Shores is a residential community in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It is located on the northern shore of the South River on a peninsula between Crab Creek and Little Aberdeen Creek. Although the mailing address is Annapolis, it falls outside the city limits.

Wild Rose Shores Day

1972 Proclamation

Once a year, usually in summertime, the community gets together for Wild Rose Shores Day. In the 1970s and 1980s, Wild Rose Shores Day included a tournament of horseshoes, diving contest (hosted by various residents), softball game and ending with a potluck dinner at the community lot.

Wild Rose Shores Day 1975

Wild Rose Shores Day 1981


In the summer of 1983, the community reenacted George Washington's crossing of the South River for the 300th anniversary celebration of the Port of London Town.