Town Crier

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Annapolis is one of the few towns or cities that still have an official town crier. This position is currently held by Fred Taylor.


A town crier is historically an officer of a royal court or public authority who makes public pronouncements. Prior to widespread literacy, town criers provided valuable information without the need of reading or writing.

In today’s modern era, town criers have fallen out of fashion, although a few cities across the United States maintain the official position. The American Guild of Town Criers was founded in 1997, and maintains membership across the country.[1] Town criers can compete in contests and championships domestically and internationally.[2]

Squire Frederick

The current town crier of Annapolis is Fred “Squire Frederick” Taylor.[3] He has been working since May 24, 2006, when he was awarded the position by Mayor Ellen Moyer. After his initial three year term ended, he was appointed indefinitely.[4]

Squire Frederick participates in many events across Annapolis, including parades, celebrations, and naturalization ceremonies. He also gives walking tours of historic Annapolis.[5]