Seafarers Yacht Club

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In 1959, the Seafarers Yacht Club of Annapolis was founded in Annapolis, MD, by a group from the Seafarers Yacht Club of Anacostia, as the first African American yacht club in the Annapolis area [1][2]. The club was founded in response to the refusal of Annapolis-area yacht clubs to admit African American captains, and the refusal of local marinas to let African Americans use their piers for fueling [2]. After initially meeting in members’ homes and in a rented storefront in Annapolis, the Seafarers Yacht Club purchased its current property on Chester Avenue in Eastport, once a schoolhouse, in 1967 [2]. Its charitable arm, the Seafarers Foundation, serves as the chartering organization for Sea Scout Ship 1959 [3].

The front of the Seafarers Yacht Club in May 2021.
The front of the Seafarers Yacht Club in May 2021.


The Seafarers Yacht Club is located at 301 Chester Avenue in Annapolis, MD. Its coordinates are 38.96944939446944, -76.47898346651462 [4].


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