Local Terminology (Annapolis Slang)

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There are many local sayings and nicknames for different people, places and things in Annapolis. These are just a few examples. If you have any slang that you or those you know use, please add it below!


"Have I covered the waterfront?" - from Parole, meaning have I told you everything?

Marine Life

Marine Vessels

  • Skipjack
  • Bugeye (A type of Oyster Boat)
  • Pungy (A type of Oyster Boat)
  • Clorox Bottle (A modern sailboat that is too wide)
  • Stinkpot (Powerboat)
  • Rag Hauler (Sailboat)


  • Mid/Squid (Midshipman)
  • Johnny (Someone attending St. John's College)
  • Watermen


  • Crab Wrapper (A Local Newspaper)