Harness Creek

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Harness Creek refers to a creek, a road, and a community.

Harness Creek

Harness Creek is a creek in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed off of the South River. The creek works inland from Old Place Cove and through Quiet Waters Park. The creek falls outside the city limits of Annapolis, although part of Harness Creek Road is included.

Harness Creek Road

Harness Creek Road starts at the intersection of Ferry Point Road and Spa Road, and travels south before intersecting with Harness Creek View Drive. Harness Creek View Drive travels perpendicular to Harness Creek Road, and branches off to Harness Creek View Court. Harness Creek Road continues south until Persimmon Point.

Harness Creek Community

The Harness Creek community lies between Aberdeen Creek and Harness Creek on the South River, and is bordered by Quiet Waters Park. The community dates back to 1933, and multiple properties are included in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties.[1]

In the mid 20th century, the community was part of the Annapolis Elementary School district, often referred to as the Green Street School. Currently, the community belongs to Hillsmere Elementary, Annapolis Middle School, and Annapolis High School districts.

The Harness Creek conservation easement was created in 1999 and contains 5.36 acres of land intersected by Harness Creek View Drive and Harness Creek View Court.[2]