From Annapolis Past Port

Originally posted by LGoodwin on Journals of Eastport wiki in January 2018:

My great-grandparents, Leon and Bessie Gottlieb, lived in Annapolis. Leon owned a department store ("Gottlieb's") on Main Street and they lived in a house on State Circle. Both have since burned down. The Gottliebs also had a "summer house" located at the end of Chesapeake Ave. on Eastport. The beach in front of their house which appears in many of the photos is now Horn Point Park. If you look closely in a couple of the photos, you can see the Naval Academy in the background. Leon and Bessie had four daughters, and two of them, my grandmother Kathryn and my great aunt Florence, married midshipmen in the class of 1919 in a double wedding at the family house on State Circle. You see my grandmother and my grandfather, Harry, in several of these photos. Glad to provide more information to anyone who is interested.