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Dignity Players was a theater company created by Mickey Lund and based out of the Annapolis Unitarian Universalist Church.

Triumph of Love[edit]

(front row) Margaret Allman, Jud Wegner, Sheri Kusnicki (back row) Dean Davis, Wendy Baird, Mark Farinas, Dan Harrel
(front row) Dean, Wendy, Mark (back row) Dan, Sheri, Jud, Margaret

Triumph of Love was performed in 2006. Directed by Mickey Lund, with music direction by Mark Hildebrand.

Music for the Dignity Players production was recorded by the music director and a cast recording was made in LSP Studios in October 2006. A compilation of the recordings was completed in 2020.


01 Prologue
02 Day of Days
03 Anything
04 Classic Clown
05 Murrga
06 Issue In Question
07 The Bond That Can't Be Broken
08 Anything Reprise
09 Mr Right
10 Call Me Phocion
11 Murrga Mr Right Reprise
12 Emotions
13 The Sad And Sordid Saga Of Cecile
14 Serenity
15 Teach Me Not To Love You
16 Have A Little Faith
17 The Tree
18 What Have I Done
19 Henchmen
20 Love Won't Take No
21 Recitative
22 Dialogue
23 Finale
24 Curtain Call