Bottner Field

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Bottner Field is a local Little League Baseball field in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It is located on a United States Air Force base in Davidsonville, Maryland. At the field no alcohol, pets, tobacco, or firearms are permitted.

Accessing the Field

Please note that the field is only open at specified times for certain organizations and groups.

Be aware the complex is labeled as a wildlife management area on Google Maps.

In order to reach the field, you must follow Bottner Road to its end. Once the end of the road is reached you will see the road for the Air Force Base. On the side road there are road barriers that need to be weaved around. At the end of the road you continue onto the gravel path (speed limit of 5 mph enforced) until you reach the field.

Field Usage

The baseball field is currently used by South Maryland Little League, an organization that is currently affiliated with the Davidsonville Athletic Association. South Maryland Little League has been using the field as the host to a variety of events ranging from Opening Day festivities to District Little League tournaments.

Other Features

Located at the field there is a snack shack, worked by player's parents. The shack sells various snacks in order to raise money for the Little League season.

Also, on the outfield fence banners hang showing past success and highlighting league sponsors.