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Annapolis Elementary is a public school in downtown Annapolis that serves preschool through fifth grade. Established in 1896, it is the oldest structure in continuous service as a school in the state of Maryland.[1] The land and structure predate its use as a school building, with history dating back to the 1700s. Originally called Annapolis Public School, it later changed its name to Annapolis Grammar School, and then Annapolis Elementary School. Colloquially, the school has been referred to as Green Street School.


Harness Creek resident Bob Peacock talks about attending Annapolis Elementary school in the mid-20th century, including common recreation activities for kids.
Harness Creek resident Bob Peacock talks about attending Annapolis Elementary school in the mid-20th century, including his school bus ride.

Prior to use as a school building, the property at 180 Green Street was owned by Dr. Charles Carroll. Dr. Carroll owned multiple properties on Green Street, including 188 Green Street, currently used as an administration building for the Anne Arundel County school system. During his ownership, Carroll erected a two story building for personal use. After his death, the property was inherited by multiple relatives, before eventually being sold to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education Commissions in 1887.

The school opened in 1896 was housed in a purpose-built two-and-a-half story Colonial Revivalist structure. An adjourning piece of property was sold to Trustees of the White Public Schools of Annapolis, Maryland with the intent of building a playground. This property, which faced Compromise Street, was deeded for this purpose in 1901 to the Public Schools.

Although additions and improvements were made over the course of a century, the building was partially renovated in 1982 and fully renovated in 1992.[2]


The Anne Arundel County Public School system is the fifth largest in Maryland. Annapolis Elementary educates children from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. Although the school historically served most of Annapolis and many surrounding areas, it currently services students from downtown Annapolis including the Naval Academy, Murray Hill, West Street, Spa Road, and the Clay Street Communities. The school is a feeder school for Annapolis Middle School and Annapolis High School.

The property is within the current Annapolis Historic District, National Historic Landmark District, and the National Register District. [3] It is within Ward 1 of the city.[4]

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